User Experience Strategy

Companies save 4 years of operational and sales inefficiency through strategic planning.

A series of in-depth conversations to create a roadmap of the game plan to bring your customers to you.

UX Assessments

UX Assessments

We make sure we understand which strategies from those that have been implemented so far have worked & which ones have failed, so that the new strategies are thought out and aligned with the future needs of your
business growth. The hours represented is an estimate of collaborative work between both parties.

This is done through a comprehensive assessment to understand the following:

  • User Experience Assessment
  • Market Audit

Marketing Analysis

It is as important to understand oneself, as it is to the competition. What does the competition do well and where do they fail? Their points of failure the benchmark for the definition of standard for your business.

Analysis includes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Gap Discovery & Analysis
  • Customer Language Assessment
Marketing Analysis

Customers & Products Roadmap

We will focus our efforts in trying to understand the psychology of your customers through different exercises listed below. Finding the right customers and then building online experiences that help them trust you is the key to a quick sale.

Branding & Marketing Strategy includes the following:

  • Customer Identification for optimal UX fit
  • Customer Experience Journey Design Flow Chart
  • Marketing Roadmap

Content Creation Strategy

Content is the most crucial part of this process to feed into designing the most effective Customer Experience for your products. We offer copywriting services as well so that all the content is succinct and objective. This estimate is only for reviewing the content that you would turn in.

Based on the needs of the audience, customer experience is designed to do the following:

  • Core Story Creation
  • Visual Content Strategy
Story Creation
Activation Strategy

Activation Strategy

Now that your product is ready, how do you create a big push to get it in front of the most number of targeted prospects so that it goes viral? Creating leads and generating interest for your products from nothing requires organized agility of experimentation to increase your chances of closing a sale. Here are the tools needed to successfully launch a product into the marketplace.

This includes the following:

  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Product Activation Strategy
  • Social Media marketing Strategy

Website UX Strategy

Our UX optimized website will ensure maximum user satisfaction by guiding the user to access the site through easy navigation and structural placement of all information. The site is developed using the most compatible communication protocol as per it’s requirements and tested for any broken links or site errors.

This includes:

  • Information architecture design
  • technical architecture design
  • Analysis & Testing
UX Strategy

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