Visual Design

The brain sees 90% of everything in visuals and processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Identity Design

When visuals are organized to follow guidelines with your logo, font variety of mediums using approved colors, layouts and proportions, it translates to your identity. Think of all the ways Coca-cola brand has ever been used. Didn’t matter what was said or in what language, We always knew it was Coca-cola simply because of the style of font and color. The guidelines keep your identity coherent and recognizable. Logo + Corporate Identity = Your Brand

Logo Design

95% of the top brands in the world use no more than 2 colors to integrate their logo, their landing page, their website, their product and more. Ennovision works to simplify everything to make you look established and world class overnight.

E- Brochure

E-brochures are informative pdfs that are sent to prospects. They are a quick way of walking someone through the services and products you offer as a snapshot and a great alternative to mailing paper brochure. Use e-brochures for:

  • Company profile
  • Portfolio
  • Case Studies
  • Latest offering
  • Newsletter
  • Product Catalog

Print Design

Designing marketing material for brochures, flyers, information leaflets and any other kind of collateral that represents the organization has very different requirements from online marketing material.
Design your:

  • Business Card
  • Brochure
  • Envelope
  • Letterhead’s Folder
  • Product catalog
  • Product Packaging

App Design

App design takes your business mobile and makes it easier for your customers to reach you, and buy your services more easily. It is essential for the fast growth of a company to capture impulse buyers and dramatically improve customer experience through increased accessibility.

Custom Power Point Presentation

Power point presentation design, structure and messaging for the following:

  • Sales Pitches
  • Investor pitches
  • Introduction to the organization
  • Product Portfolio
  • Annual Reports


Photography shoots for business events, online & print material including websites products & services.

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